Helitowcart V1022 for Skidded Helicopter

Manufacturer: Helitowcart



The Heli-Carrier benefits from a heavy frame that is designed to withstand long term challenging operations. This heavy-duty construction guaranties the units keep their value over time. Right hand grip slider button controls low speed horizontal movement. Left hand grip slider button controls vertical movement. For extra safety: Fast speed requires holding both grips. Index finger on left hand grip activates fast speed mode. The operator simply slides buttons with thumbs. These buttons are located on ergonomic power grips. The operator simply activates up and down movement with the left hand. He activates forward and backward movement with the right hand. A powerful hydraulic pump ensures swift lifting and rolling. This pump is complemented by a high-grade drive motor used at a fraction of its potential capacity to ensure exceptional performance The Heli-Carrier operates with four deep cycle batteries. This allows operators to perform daily activities with sufficient range to have ease of mind. In cases of continuous daily use, the battery group can be doubled to eight batteries. The extended range available with the battery groups makes the Heli-Carrier stand first among electrical handling solutions.

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  • Load capacity: 3400 kg (7 500 lbs)
  • Length: 437 cm (172 inches)
  • Width: 142 cm (56 inches)
  • Support Wheels: Rubber
  • Arms: Heavier built attachment arm
  • Pump: 6.c.c.
  • Traction Wheel: Type: Deep set threads pneumatic tire/65 psi operation.
  • Wheel: 16.5"x6.5" (42 x 17cm) with 8" (20cm) hub.
  • Drive Motor: Using only 4 hp of the 20 hp./up to 10 kw capacity/48 volts/fan cooled continuous use 80% duty cycle motor.
  • Electrical System: 48v to Drive Motor/12v valve driver/24v to APU (option).
  • Autonomy: 2 hours non-stop or 10 hangaring-cycles of 750' (230m)

SKU: V1022

Manufacturer: Helitowcart

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